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Developer Experience, the Modern Approach

D2H (Developer to human)
March 23, 2020
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There was a time when software development was referred to as a job. It's much more than that. It's a passion. Loving what you do is the key to achieving your goals.

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.” - Simon Sinek

Developer Experience for developers = User Experience for users

User Experience is important. If it weren't, people wouldn't buy as many products from companies. For companies, it is crucial to fulfill their developers' needs. Lack of Developer Experience results in a much higher chance of ineffectiveness, mission creep and burnout. Endeavoring to make high-performing teams results in developers in pursuit of the mission; making a better product. A satisfied developer's intention is to make a difference.

Natural environment

As part of DX, suitable and relaxing environment is a must-have for developers. When noises get out of your hearing range, focus tends to be easier to achieve. Concentrating on your next project, dealing with the top priority problem results ineffective problem solving. Well-equipped gear with the necessary tools makes us more comfortable.

Comfort does not mean without struggle. There were always difficulties and there will always be. Using tools fit for the problem helps us solve them sooner. Challenging opportunities can be overwhelming at times. Being surrounded by smart and capable people reduces the weight on your shoulders. Delegating tasks, reminding your team members that they are part of the team moves everyone forward towards the unified goal.

You do not stand alone

No one expects you to solve every problem and know the answer to every question. Finding a mentor helps you get the information you couldn't otherwise. We work in teams because it's the most suited for achieving our targets. Being a developer means being a team player. We share a common goal, the same mission. Struggling together, constantly learning new ways, better solutions and then applying them makes us better as developers and humans.

Don't be afraid to put the hours in

Personal development is immediate the moment you put yourself on the battlefield. Besides relying on others, you have your own duties. Solving problems requires that you learn how to solve problems. No one is born with this skill and knowledge. Over time learning the same complexity of material will be achieved in a shorter period of time. Observe your current project. Surely there are some aspects of it with which you are already familiar, because of a previous project. Constant learning creates a habit and this habit makes you more experienced for the current task, no matter how big it may be.

What matters is willingness to go through the process

To reach our goals, growing as a person and as a team is crucial. Putting in the right amount of effort moves us toward this target. Once you get used to not knowing every answer right off the bat, you can start focusing on the next task. Experience comes from solving problems not from having years behind your back.

Overcoming obstacles

I love what I do because it gives me challenges all the time. I love it the same way I liked solving mathematical problems in high school. Not that Math is my passion or I'm overly fond of it. It was one of the few subjects that actually gave me a puzzle.

The beauty of this is being in the process of solving the problem. You forget everything else; the environment ceases to exist. There's the task and there's you. Only one winner. No one wants to lose, that's for sure. While sometimes it's inevitable we will not come out victorious, we aim to be a winner. From a mistake a lesson can be learned. Either way, you win.

Gather what you know. Jump to conclusions. Solve the problem. Repeat.

In this profession, for every problem I have faced before there are 10 others I haven't. This is not an exam with example exercises. It's more like a competition where you have to apply the previously gathered knowledge and think about a way to get closer to the solution. It cannot be practiced or memorized.

Often, the solution doesn't require you to have more knowledge, but to use what you know well. Step back and inspect the problem from various views and angles. Even if you already know the answer, explore other possibilities, you might get a better solution.

Coding is like a box of chocolate. You never know what bug you're gonna get

When I chose this profession, I was a different person. I can't say I got what I expected. Well, that's because I didn't know what to expect. Gaining experience will form you. Learn from your previous mistakes. Adapt to your current problem. Prepare for the next one.

Keep moving.

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Bence Rózsa
Software Developer

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